Query Logger

Query Logger 1.5

Query Log is open source, simple tool for monitoring performance of SQL queries

Query Log for Zen Cart is open source, simple tool for monitoring performance of SQL queries. Depending on configuration it will display or save all executed queries sent to database together with information how much time each query took and which page and session executed it. With Query Log and some SQL knowledge You can improve performance of Your Zen Cart store.

At this moment there are two components:
- Basic Logger – it’ll display to trusted users all logged queries in Zen Cart shop footer.
- Database Logger – it’ll save all logged queries to database.

Basic Logger for each page request logs all queries sent to database and displays them to trusted users in page footer together with time each query took. It will mark with red color queries that take much more time then average.

Database Logger does everything that Basic Logger do. In addition it also saves all queries from all page requests of all visitors in database table. You can then execute various queries to check which queries should be optimized, which pages generates most queries, what is average time spent in database etc.

Database Logger is as fast as possible, it uses MyISAM tables without primary key and indexes to store queries (this means that MySQL server does not spend time updating lookup tables).

Query Log adds three options to Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Logging:
- Enable Database Query Log
- Display queries to trusted users
- Display queries to users with following email addresses (list of trusted users

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